Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't we wait a little longer???

So in Feb 2008 Helen weaned herself from her bink. Fine with me, no sweat of my back, and I didn't have to go through horrible phases like some of my friends did with their trys at weaning the pacifier off their kids.

This year, Helen's quest is to potty train herself. I'm not so much in love with this idea. I'm sure Jake is thinking it is a great idea, but he has never potty trained a kid and I'm not sure he knows all this entails. Potty training involves being a prisoner to your own home and taking a little one to the toilet every 20 minutes. It also means swishing underwear when there is an accident. And then when they semi get it and you can leave your house again you have to know where every toliet is in town - even the yucky, violating kind so in a moment's notice when your kid says "potty" you can dash to the nearest one.

I've been a prisoner to my house enough in the last couple of months. Now that I am starting to feel better (knock on wood) I'd like to get out. And I am still exhuasted most of the day. I really don't think I want to have the energy to potty train now. I want to wait - diapers are easy and conveinent. And the one of the steps in the method I was going to try is simply wait until they are 2 1/2 or 3 years old. And my last reasoning is this - Jake missed out on all the weaning of bottle, bink (ok - I know I just said that one was a breeze) the switching of crib/beds and this which was not a breeze...I really wanted to save the treat of potty training for him (us) to do together. Why did Helen start doing it all now, right when he left?

So my question is this? Do I go with Helen and start, or do I keep letting her practice until I am ready?


Megan said...

You could always try it out for a week and see how she does, if she is going to potty train herself it will be easy to give up only one week, if it seems like she is not quite ready, quit and try again later. That's my advice. Helen has always wanted to be doing things ahead of schedule! Silly girl.

Bec said...

My experience is that it's best to have no expectations. Both of my girls showed interest in the potty before they turned two and were sometimes successful at using it. But then they lost interest and I agree that it's much easier to change diapers than clean up accidents.

Amanda J said...

If she's showing interest, you should let her go. I've heard of some people putting a diaper over underwear to make cleanups easier or you could just use pull-ups. We've been trying to get Nicholas to potty train off and on for a long time. He hasn't held interest for longer than a week, so maybe she won't either.

Bridgette said...

Layne's interest in potty training has come and gone over the last six months. I found with Devin that Pull-ups are a great way to get them started using the potty, but with no pressure on either side. When he had a couple of days keeping his Pull-ups dry, we switched to underwear. We had to switch back to Pull-ups again a couple of times when accidents got too bad, but then he was trained.

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