Monday, March 9, 2009

And yet again!

Yesterday, my parents and I were all busy trying to get dinner ready. After a few minutes of not hearing any noise from Helen, I decided I needed to look into what mischief I needed to end. I looked down the hall to the bathroom and started sprinting.

Helen has this thing for taking her clothes off, which while annoying, is fine. The part that is not fine is when she takes off her diaper. (Just ask Jake about cleaning up diaper treasures that have rolled everywhere when she does this - he loved that experience). I see from across the house that she is wrapping her diaper up. Ugh - this could be trouble! I get into the bathroom. Helen has taken off her pants, rolled her diaper in a nice ball like mommy and daddy do, and procedes to tell me she has to go potty as she starts to climb up on the toilet. I help her get up on toliet and she goes for the second time on the toilet in her life. We get her cleaned-up and dressed again. When I go back out to the kitchen my mom tells me Helen had been talking about the potty for a few minutes before she disappeared. I never heard anything of the sort.


I wanted to wait to potty train until Helen was ready and not force the matter. Problem is I don't know if I am ready yet.

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