Thursday, February 19, 2009

It May Be A Good Day!

Today I acctually feel pretty good. Knock on wood. And my apt is already picked-up, not clean, but I feel like I am in control. We or at least I had a good night - which follows:

  • We got Helen to bed last night at 8:30 - Wahoo!!
  • Then Jake and I played 3 games of Sequence - I think it is the only game I can win him every time.
  • I figured out one thing that is making me nausiated and putting a really bad taste in my mouth (more on that in a minute).
  • We went to bed at 10. - Finally somewhat normal.
  • Helen woke up @ 1 and I took care of her. She woke up again @ 1:30 and I made Jake go take care of her because she wanted him in the first place.
  • I brought Jake back to bed @ 2 because I was having horrible nightmares (poor man has to take care of both females in his life and their sleeping problems)
  • Helen woke up just after he got back in bed.
  • We both were so tired we just let her cry. I decided that if she cried longer than 5 minutes at a time I would get up.
  • SHE DIDN'T!!!
  • She woke up like every 20 or 30 minutes for a few of hours, but cried/wimpered herself back to sleep every time within a couple of minutes.
  • We didn't go get her the rest of the night.
  • I woke up feeling good enough to take a Zofran and go back to bed for a half hour instead of just wasting away until Helen woke up.
  • I woke up again feeling pretty good and showered. And I didn't have that awful taste in my mouth that I always do when I wake up and the nausea was significantly less.
The evil cause of the horrible taste in my mouth and subsquential nausea - water. At least our tap water. Even Jake was saying how it doesn't taste very good unless it is ice cold. Well, I have been leaving a cup of water by my bed to drink through the night to ward of dehydration, keep something in my stomach, and to have something to throw-up (much better than dry heaving). But it tastes awful. Funny that I have been drinking it to get the taste out of my mouth and last night it dawned on me that it was causing the taste in my mouth. So I drank my beloved apple juice before bed last night and didn't drink anything all night then drank some more juice with my Zofran in the morning. No nasty taste and a lot less nausea. Hmmm. Now I gotta figure out the water thing, because I still need water...but this may help me feel better sooner.

On with a good day!


Bridgette said...

Sounds like things might be on the improve! You might try a filter for your tap water. That works for us. Hang in there!

Megan said...

There is always bottled water and its on sale at Maceys right now. Haha. I like your new background. I hope the feeling good thing stays that way for you! I have a really good project for us to bake together. I am so excited!

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