Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Google and Me

I got this from Lindsay...(who did it forever ago, and I started doing it half of that forever ago but forgot about it. I am cleaning up my blog and found the post, so I thought I'd finish it while I wait for my baby to finish mucking her ticket (New Zealand way of saying filling her diaper). Then it is back to bed for both of us...hopefully.

Here's how to play:
For each question, look up the answer in a google image search. Then choose your favorite image from the
first page of results only. Have fun!

my age (there was a more interesting picture when I first started this and I was a year younger,
but I am trying to keep it real for the day I am posting this)

my MIDDLE name

my favorite place to travel

my favorite object

my favorite vacation spot

my favorite food

my favorite animal (I guess...I don't really have one)

my favorite color (there's two)

town where I grew up

a previous pet (and she looked like this too)

town I live in now

past love (or shall we say pre-teen crush)

nickname of my kid

my screen name

my real name

one of my bad habits

my grandmothers first name

1st job

What I studied in college

1 comment:

linds said...

glad you finally got around to this. its fun huh.

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