Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doing Well

I had my first OB appointment a few days ago. He changed my nausea meds. I was doing a lot better until this morning. I am still okay, I just waited too long to eat breakfast. Things are looking up and I can acctually think about what I need to do to prepare for this baby. Like trying to figure out how to rearrange the bedrooms.

My friends have been so great to me with cleaning my tub & kitchen floor, bringing in meals, and being there to talk and distract me from my nausea. Thank you all.

Maybe in a few weeks I'll be back on my feet more so I can start some new projects...and finish some that I didn't get done.


suni said...

or just wait and let the projects finish themselves. haha! that's what i dream of. hope you get feeling better very very soon!

Megan said...

I am getting excited for our big couples party! Get feeling better soon okay?

Bridgette said...

Hope you get feeling better soon!

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