Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and then 2008 Rewound

We celebrated Christmas early this year (hence the time on Christmas day to post this blog). It was wonderful to have Jake home, even if he did have to leave again before acctual Christmas day. I have quite liked getting the stress of "Christmas" out of the way and am planning on doing some fun things with my family on Christmas and the days following.

Here are the activites that have been going on in the last week while Jake was home and Christmas was ahappening at our home:

Here is my dad and Jake putting up the Christmas tree early on the morning that we celebrated the first day of Christmas -

Helen and her stash from Santa and Mommy & Daddy -

Me opening my Persian 100% silk handmade rug from Jake -

Our "Christmas" Breakfast a few days later -

Later that day we went to visit Santa even though he already came to our house (classic picture) -

Then a few days later we exchanged gifts with Jake's family -

Jake trying to encourage Helen to play with her new dress-ups -

(video of Helen with kitchen to come)

While Jake as home we made two trips to our beloved climbing place. The first picture is Helen enjoying the slushie - the rest of our meal purchased their was, well, craptacular.

This is an old photo to show you how Helen was before Jake went to "work" and then a bunch of pictures of us playing and climbing -

Helen was acctually going up the slide in this picture, which she figured out by herself-

Then we had a fun party Jake's cousins - we wore our ugliest swearters -

Then there was a Marble extended party the next day but I have no pictures. The day after that we finished our Christmas celebrations by touring Temple Square with Jake's family.

Now for the rewind of the year. Here is the sleuth of pictures I wanted to post over the year and never made time to bring the posts to life. Enjoy.
Cooking peas

Shopping with cousins, gotta love carts big enough for all three -

Easter -

Hair in curlers -
Picking Daddy up at the airport when he came home for Helen's 1st birthday party -
Christmas weather in May -

Playing with a surgical drape at Grandma's -

Honey, I blew up the baby -
Sprial Jetty -
A photo shoot in June -

One morning Helen wouldn't sleep in her bed, so I told her it was time to get up for the day (as I was frustrated to no end) this is where she ended up falling asleep while I showered.
At the zoo with her cousins

Helen and the meerkat quickly bonded -

In Island Park -

4th of July -

Swimming lessons -

A toddler bed that didn't last too long - she has a regular twin bed now -
State Fair and fair food -

Helen loves these kitties -

One day Helen brought me a something (a long trail)- and we followed it back to where it orginated -

Helen must accessorize -
Helen loves ducks and feeding them -

or just enjoying the water -
Another toilet paper adventure - Helen bit a hole in the roll

Then we had a trip to Arizona -

And they have ducks in Arizona -

and water to play in -

A photo shoot in October -

Playing dress-ups one Sunday evening -

Dancing with Helen and her cousins -

The chic girl on the farm -
Sharing apple slices with Grandma Benson -

Sharing strawberries with Daddy in December -

Jake and Helen fixing the helicopter -

Playing dress-ups after taking Daddy to the airport, this is what she picked out to wear for the first few hours of the day, it changed many times -

Merry Christmas Everyone - and if you made it this far in the post congratulations!

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