Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Today is Jake's 27th birthday. Happy Halloweenish 27th Birthday, HoneyBun.

There are no pictures from his birthday this the last two years will have to make up for it.

Here are 27 reasons why I find it not hard to love him:

27. He doesn't care about fashion...yes some days this bothers me, but I am glad he can be and wear what he finds comfortable without the need to be trendy. He is all about jeans and t-shirts.
26. He whistles or hums almost all the time.
25. He is willing to drive when I don't want to.
24. He is a nerd and a geek and a dork. In my world those are not negative things. I am a nerd and dork too.
23. I can trick him that I am thinking something pretty easily - sometimes he gets really confused or worried.
22. He can do the same right back to me, just not quite as easily.
21. He is my best friend.
20. He will help around the house when I ask.
19. His hair: cute, crazy, and handsome (when it isn't cut for the dear ol' military).
18. He is very cuddly & his hands fit my hands for superb hand holding.
17. He will try to fix all things computer...even if he hates being an IT guy.
16. He surprises me with his talents - I had no idea he could re-wire kitchen lights or build his own battery charger.
15. He loves books and can never have enough - don't believe me? Look up his Amazon wish list.
14. To him, my dreams and ambitions are just as important as his.
13. He is very intelligent - related to #15.
12. He sings in the car and hums in the shower.
11. He is very accepting of people and wants to be friendly rather than prude.
10. He makes up silly songs. "I'm So Glad I Am A Guy" is among the top favorites.
9. He supports me in many different endeavors and believes in me.
8. He sings to me when I ask - especially when I am sick.
7. He likes to try new things & he makes me try new things like sushi. Now we love doing that together.
6. His excited run & jump thing.
5. He loves, loves, loves pizza. I've probably eaten more pizza in the last 3 years than my whole life before we were married. Its been good too.
4. He thinks and treats me (and my cooking) like some chef celebrity.
3. He loves me enough to be honest and tell me if a made-up recipe isn't that great.
2. He loves Helen and loves being her Daddy.
1. He makes me smile everyday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Other possible titles for this post:
  • Hitting My Breaking Point
  • Making Milestones Instead of Waiting for Them
  • I Finally Caved
  • Okay, Already
  • Yes, Letting Go of Pride is Hard
  • Can You Hear My Mom's Praises?
  • Helen's First Haircut

As this post is being read I hear the shouts of Hallelujah coming from all the way in Rexburg, especially by Helen's Nani. I think they may be coming from other places as well.

So, I wanted to wait until Helen's 2nd birthday to cut her hair for the first time. Then it got switched to just before Jake comes home to surprise him how big she is. Well, I reached my breaking point yesterday night. Long ago I had accepted that Helen needed a haircut, but finally yesterday I let go of my pride that was insisting we do it on a milestone of her life. I made my own stinking milestone today. She is 557 days old. She is 18 months and one week. She is in twin bed (more on that later). She simply needed a haircut. It is a complete win/win situation. She doesn't have to wear clips anymore, and I don't have to fight her to.

It is a bit choppy because she wouldn't sit still, but nothing curls and a few weeks won't hide. She had to turn and see everyone else getting their hair cut, say hi to everyone that came in the door that the hairdressers were saying hi to, and she even had to say turn around and say & sign thank you to the other lady's hairdresser when the other lady got done and said thank you. I had the hairdresser leave as much length in the back so I could do curls - long live the baby mullet.

Forgive the red-eye in the pictures. I deleted my photo editing software. :( So because I am posting this during the day, Helen has torn apart my home. I will be cleaning all afternoon, evening, and into the wee morning I am afraid.




(the back)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrity Look-a-likes

So it has been brought to my attention that in my small family of 3 we have some celebrity look-a-likes. I have yet to have someone tell me that I look like some celebrity, but here is Jake and Helen at their best.

Jake and the guy from Short Circuit

Helen and Phyllis Diller - and folks, Helen's hair can look like that any time of the day - not just when she wakes up. Yes, even if I style it. Yes, even with gel.


I am looking for a music CD of the little holiday songs we (we, meaning the generations before music was yanked out of elementary schools) used to sing in elementary school about the holidays. It seems there were little songs for every holiday of the year. I'd like a CD because so I can re-learn the songs along with teaching them to Helen, or a book with music would be my second choice. I've looked on the Internet, but haven't found anything great yet.

Anyone have suggestions on where to go to find such a thing?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sewing Machine Table

I refinished a sewing machine table. It didn't turn out as great as I had planned. I despise working with laminate covered wood. Nothing will stick to it. But it turned out better looking than it was beforehand. I was just mainly doing this as a learning process with paint, and I learned a lot. Take note of the before and after shots. I scrubbed the hinges to show the copper. Copper is the new silver - right? I made that up in the process.

Great things accomplished this week:

1. All digital pictures are organized to the best of my ability - dated, named, in proper organized folders
2. I finished this after months of working on it minutes at a time. It didn't turn out that great, but I learned some great lessons - the #1 being that I despise working on laminated wood - nothing sticks to it, even the primer that the kind folk at the store said would stick to anything
3. I am slowly getting caught up on home management issues (that sounds so much better than chores and can include managing finances, and such)

For the next week my goals are to clean out the bathroom drawers and medicine drawer and linen cabinet, and catch up on my posts, since I have the pictures on my computer now. We'll just have to see how that goes since Helen is sick.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Disclaimer: Pictures in this post are 6 months old and I am pretty much writing this to Jake, so when I say remember this?, unless you are Jake, you won't remember.

Tonight Helen and I went to the Fun Park to get out of the house and each other's hair. We had quite a blast - especially since Helen is still the age that gets in free and one adult gets in free with each child. Free entertainment and exercise - wahoo!

Helen loves it so much more than last time. And we made it out without a swollen lip this time. She was climbing all over the place. We got to the big, huge, twisty blue slide that is dark inside. We down once together. Then the next two times Helen did it all by herself. The blue slide is in the background of this picture, - does that help your memory, Jake?

She loved the bubble windows. The reflections off them almost seemed like holograms. Helen kept trying to touch them but it was just air. I wish I had taken my camera. Maybe next week. I think we need to go there more often.

Jake remember that awful, steep, yellow slide that I told you I almost swore on at the ward party. Ya, Helen wanted to go down it, so I said okay, well do it once and she'll hate it and we'll be done. So down we go. I didn't swear. Promise. I knew what to expect this time. We get the bottom and I turn Helen around to see her expression of horror to find her grinning from ear to ear and tears in her eyes. It completely said "That was scary and way fun!!". We ended up going down again with the same result.

So am thinking, fine, but there is no way on earth she won't fear the mesh run that hangs from the top. Jake, it is the one that I almost wet my pants going across when we went with you. (Man this post is making me look like a wuss.) I wasn't even going to show it to Helen. But she found it herself. And she went in. And did the whole stinking thing by herself. Twice. The second time was near the end of our playing and she was pretty tired. I had to keep coaxing her on that one and at the end lift her the last 10 inches. Picture is of us at the end of the mesh run - you can barely see it.
This child has no fear. None. Whatsoever.
More recent (not 6 month aged) pictures to come next week. Hopefully.

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