Thursday, June 26, 2008


You know you do it too. You get little jingles stuck in your head - this is how the advertising world works. So I almost always have a jingle stuck in my head. 90% of the time it is one of two songs, "Rubber Ducky" (although now in our house we sing it as "Helen Belen your the one, you make our life so much fun"). Ha! I know the tune is in your head now. The second most popular song in my head is "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid."

So yesterday I caught myself changing the words to the second song too. Between Helen and I we've had our bought with stomach bugs, heat stroke, & bedtime anxiety lately and without even thinking about it (seriously I just caught myself as it came out) "I don't want to throw-up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid".

No kidding folks. I must really not want anymore to do with it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Mouse and other crawly things

There are just some things a guy should take care of...

So this morning why Nellie was still asleep, I went and took the trash out and decided to wash out the garbage that a diaper had leaked in. While out there I decided to wash out my cleaning bucket that had been out there for a couple of weeks. As I dumped it out a clod dropped out. For a second I thought, "Gee I knew it was muddy, but I didn't know there was a clod of mud in it." Then I saw what it really was. A MOUSE! A dead one at that.

There had been some rain water in the bucket and the mouse must have fallen in (I have a downstairs patio) and drowned. So I have a dead, soggy, drowned mouse on my patio. Helen woke up right after I found it and I haven't had the chance to go out without her to take care of it. Ugh. Yuck. I try not to be a wuss, and I will take care of it today, but really folks, isn't this something that falls into husbandly duties?

I just want to know why I get to find a mouse after Jake and Scott (my really great neighbor that just moved) are gone. And why does it have to be dead? and drowned? and soggy? Ewwww!

Also yesterday I noticed an earwig stuck under the tile windowsill in the kitchen. As I was trying to get rid of it i looked under the edge of the sill. In three of the grout spaces between tiles, there was no grout, but holes and in every single hole was a dead earwig that had gotten stuck trying to crawl through. Didn't know whether to get rid of them or leave 'em there to plug up the holes. I ended up getting rid of them. I think I will buy some caulk today or call the managers.

I've spent my morning going through the food storage, cupboards and closets - looking to see if the mice have gotten inside. All looks well. (Well, that is except the corpse on my patio outside).

I need a cat.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Calling All Experienced Mothers - or anyone with suggestions

So last week we thought Helen had the flu. Oddly though she was fine all day and only threw-up just as we were getting her in bed. Then I didn't feel good and didn't want to put up with throw-up too so I let her sleep in my bed a couple of nights. We attempted to get back on schedule and routine tonight. And she threw-up again tonight. I was trying to get her to go to bed on her own like we had been doing a few weeks ago, and as soon as I left the room her cry became very strange and sure enough I went in and she was gargling on throw-up. I really don't think she is sick - I think it is anxiety. I really would like to avoid cleaning up throw-up every night. Any suggestions on how to relieve her anxiety about sleeping in her own room and get her back on the schedule we were once on?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Contemplations on Sorry vs. Thank You

I have noticed something in the last 4 months with Jake being away. There are people who are thankful for what Jake (and I) are doing and going through and then there are those who are sorry. Not peace-activist-protest-make-love-not-war-war-is-not-the-answer sorry (I know that is a long adjective - I was at a loss for a better word), but rather sorry that it has to be us and that this is a horrible thing. If not us, then who? Every soldier has a family and a story.

I have distinguished a difference in these two responses to my husband being away. Now I am not trying to make over-all assumptions, but this is what I have found in my own experience. Anyone who says "I'm sorry" or "I'm sorry this has to be you" or "I'm sorry you have to do this all on your own" or any one of the many other "I'm Sorry" phrases Jake and I have heard typically do not have military in their recent heritage. Those that have served, or had close family or friends serve, and who understand the real picture of serving in the military simply say "Thank you" or "Thank you for what you are doing". They understand that is a type of service. The first group of people probably see it as service too, but are they sorry my husband chose to serve them? Maybe they just don't know what to say. But what am I suppose to respond with other than "It's okay".

It makes me feel better inside and more appreciated when people simply say "Thank you for what you are doing." I am not sorry my husband is defending our freedoms. I am not sorry I am a mom, even if I am kind of doing it the single parent way right now (not to say it isn't difficult at times or that Jake isn't helping in every way that he can). This is how our life is turning out, and we knew that it would probably be this way. If I wasn't up to take it on I wouldn't have married Jake and Jake wouldn't have joined the army during 2 wars.

I am not seeking for praise or gratitude of other people, these are just my thoughts lately. My only wish is that people would understand that I am doing okay. Yes, I miss Jake terribly. There is no reason to be sorry for freedom - that is what our nation is built upon and built for. Thousands upon thousands have died for this freedom, mainly to pass it on to future generations. Plus, being sorry just brings this negative tone when right now we are accentuating the positive.

I don't want people to feel sorry or bad for me. I am honored to be holding up the fort back home while Jake is away defending our freedom, religion, and way of life. And, we really are doing fine and awaiting the day Daddy comes back to live with us. Please, if you meet a soldier or spouse of a soldier, just say thank you.

Picture Comparison

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These pictures of Jake and I are on our 1st birthdays. Helen's is a week before her first birthday because it was the best face forward shot. So there you have it folks. I too think she does look a little more like Jake. When she was really little I thought she looked like me. Maybe it will change again. I am still wondering what it would be like if I used adult pictures of Jake and I.

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