Monday, May 19, 2008

For FHE...

For FHE tonight we got packages ready to send to Jake. I'm pretty sure Helen wants to go see him.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I admit I am city girl...

but don't tell me I can't round up flip flops.

It was a beautiful spring evening yesterday and my mom, Nellie, and I were just about to pack into the car to go to the park for dinner and play with bubbles. As I looked out the back door window in my parent's family room, there she was in the middle of the pasture. My dad's 5-month-old heifer calf had gotten out of the manger. I relayed to my mom what was going on as I opened the door and went after her sporting my favorite style of Teva flip flops. My dad was catering a dinner at the college last night.

The calf goes by Holly Berry and her mother is Mistletoe. Holly Berry was immediately startled by me and thankful ran to the manger, but she didn't know where to go in. My dad has built the pen in a "L" shape and has a walkway then the hay stack up to complete the square. Holly Berry went to the side of the pens where she could see Mistletoe but I needed her to go to the opposite side and then into the walkway.

Once I had her by the pens, I decided I had better find out how she had escaped. Luckily none of the fences were broken. Holly Berry had simply push over a gate that was blocking a small gap in the fence. I moved the gate so she could get back in that way easily. And started chasing. Now for those of you who have rounded up cattle before know that it is a lot easier if you have two doing the work. My parents don't have a dog and my mom was inside with Nellie trying to call my dad. So I was chasing Holly Berry in a circle around the pens and hay stack. She wouldn't go into the walkway that accessed the hole where she got out.

I kept thinking about jumping on her, but my dad hasn't put a harness on her yet. If by some chance I did get close enough to jump on her it would have been true wrangling with nothing to hold onto = no success. While this chase was in pursuit the bull, Mr. Simon, is seriously considering charging the fence to get to me. These cattle only see me once every month or so and don't know me very well. Simon kept running up to the fence right where I was. I believe it was to keep an eye on me and to charge through the fence if needed.

At this point I called my mom from my cell phone and asked if my dad was coming home. She said no that he was in the middle of serving. I said to please call a neighbor because I needed someone to block Holly Berry as I chased her. Then the chase in circles began again. Then I decided to go the opposite direction to get smart with the calf. The whole time Mistletoe is bawling for her calf. Luckily somehow the switch of direction spurred Holly Berry to go into the walkway and jump back into the pen.

I got the gate back up and started tying it with hay bale twine. Called my mom told her Holly Berry was in. My mom said the neighbors were already on their way. So they arrived a few minutes later and tied a couple more locations on gate. I said thanks for coming over. And that was that - I was back to being a city girl. My cowgirl moment was over. My mom, daughter, and I got into the car and went to the park, ate pizza, played with bubble and on swings. Then we came home when it got too cold.

This picture has nothing to do with the round-up. It was taken the day before. I was showing the size of the cows. This is Mistletoe (the momma). You can see Holly Berry in the background. They are not miniatures, just the smallest breed of the regular size cattle. The breed is called Dexters. The breed is rare - which is the type of livestock my dad likes. So ya, the calf is really small for 5 months, which makes my cowgirl experience even, well, smaller. Hey, I never said I wasn't a city girl on a farm. I am still glad it wasn't the bull who doesn't like me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So here is my new look. It may change a little bit more as I progress in my daring to incorporate new things. I think it looks refreshing. And it has aqua and brown and red. For me that says "what's not to love". Thanks to Suni for inspiration, Marisa for showing me where to go and Leelou for the talent.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I need some Blogger help...

So it is very obvious that my blog is completely out of season. I have been wanting to change it for months to encourage spring to come. Now spring is here and encouraging the blog to change. My problem: Jake, my technical half, is gone. I am learning and usually know more about the whole blog thing than him. My problem is the links (a.k.a. widgets)...I don't want to lose them. I'll admit I am scared to do it on my own. Jake was going to help me last week when he was home for the weekend, but we were busy with so many things. More on that later.

I have a couple of layouts picked out in Pyzam and am working on my own photo layout for late summer. So what I am asking is anyone who does this more often than me to shoot out some pointers my way. Please help me have some color without losing my links.

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