Sunday, March 30, 2008

ABC's and 123's

A - Attached or single? Attached EternallyB - Best friend? The one I am attached to eternally – and what a fun blessing it is!! He likes to read this.
C - Cake or pie? Changes with my mood because I prefer salty snacks, nothing too sweet or rich - pie if my mom makes it.
D - Day of choice? I like Wednesdays - they are no different than other day, but I like them.E - Essential item? a chopstick in the flour bin, my vegetable/rice steamer, and I hate to admit it, but my cell phone (then you can add all of Nellie’s stuff that I have to pack everywhere.F - Favorite color? Light blue, brown, orange, some shades of aquaG - Gummy bears or worms? Bears (cinnamon kind with chocolate covering)
H - Hometown? Rexburg and Logan
I - Indulgences? Buying kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, new, ethnic, and/or exotic foods and eating caramels or pretzel ice cream
J - January or July? July - it is warm and green and fun (January is drab and freezing and I dislike winter in every way)
K - Kids? One and I don't know what I do with my time if I didn't have her.L - Life isn't complete without? Jake, Helen, organization, special times, & cooking for othersM - Marriage date? 7th May 2005, time: right after my graduationN - Number of brothers and sisters? A younger sister and a younger brother.O - Oranges or apples? Apples, Fuji or Pacific Rose AND Mandarin oranges (fresh)P - Phobias or fears? Being alone, spiders, snakesQ - Quote? I usually choose real quotes that aren’t from movie scripts, but I find this one creeping into my thoughts:
“Work out? What’s to work out? We’re not a different species. Yes we come from different backgrounds… You gotta weird family. Who doesn’t?

R - Reason to smile? Thoughts of my husband.S - Season of choice? Autumn - isn't it romanticT - Tag six: Marisa, Suni, Mer, Candalyn, Abbey, and Mom (once she gets her blog up and running)
U - Unknown fact about me? Everyone knows different things, but probably no one knows that at times I feel like the main character of this movie – like I am being watched.
V - Vegetable? It rotates, but right now it is asparagus or fresh raw green beansW - Worst habit? Stressing /worrying over things I can’t control.X - X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound - had them for pain relief and pregnancy - I think they are quite amazing
Y - Your favorite food? Soups, rice, and sometimes chocolate (but not together - I don't like anything too sweet).
Z - Zodiac sign? Gemini.
1 - # of boyfriends I ever had – married him too!
2 – # of times Nellie woke up last night – it is progress, folks.
3 – # of weeks until I see Jake again
4 – # of years left to live in Utah
5 - # of years since I’ve been home from my mission
6 - # of toppings for a superb pizza (fresh tomato slices, breakfast bacon, capers, onions, spinach, artichoke hearts + the cheese and chunky tomato sauce)
7 - # of things on today’s to do list
8 - # of months until I possibly go to NZed
9 - # of children we joked about having. Heh, not going to happen.
10 – # of days until “The Office” is returning

Friday, March 28, 2008

That I can tell you in one word! TRADITION!

Forward note: This was not humorous as it happened. But now I can stand back and see the ironic humor in the fact that this seems to be a tradition in my family. During the ordeal I kept thinking of a dear friend who recently had a similar situation.

When I was little I got cut in the right eyebrow with a toy garden hoe. It scarred. Later, on different occasions, my sister got a scar on her right eyebrow and my brother got one on his left eyebrow. It is just what happens if you are a Moore child. I would think to myself about how the girls had them on the right and the boy had them on the left.

Yesterday Helen decided to bring out the Moore in her and carry on the tradition. She bent down to pick up a book and clonked her head against a swamp cooler I am waiting to put into the window. At first I didn't know she had a cut because it wasn't bleeding. A few seconds later I looked back at her to see why the bouncing/cuddling wasn't calming her down. There was blood all over her face, my shirt, her shirt and pants, and more coming. I tried to wash it off her face so I could see the cut, but she wouldn't let me. My neighbor wasn't around to help me hold her so I finally got one swipe of the wash cloth to see how deep it was. Immediately I knew we need to go to the doctor. The cut looked deep.

The doctor's office was booked already, so we had to go to instacare. By this time she was pretty calm for what was going on. So we packed our things and headed to the instacare. She was her normal happy self, playing all around there. That is until the nurses had to clean the wound so the doctor could get a better look at it. It took two nurses and myself holding her to get it cleaned. It was then that I saw it had cut her in a shape similar to an asterisk. The doctor said she might need stitches, but wanted to try Dermabond if it wound was compliant because it would be less traumatic for Helen. If the cut wouldn't come together easily we would have to do stitches. She decided that Dermabond would work because of the nature of the cut. Gluing Helen's forehead back together required two nurses, the doctor, and myself. Not so much fun for the baby. She did get a plastic squeeze fish toy and has been happy every since we left instacare. I am sure she won't miss rinsing shampoo out of her hair for 7-10 days while we wait for the wound to heal with the glue.

The doctor did say it would scar. She gave me pointers to help the scaring be minimal. Ironic that it is on the right eyebrow. "Way to go, Daughter, carry on the tradition!"

Helen crying at the Instacare...she is actually crying not because of the inflicted wound, but because I took the cell phone away from her.

Waiting for the nurses to come clean the wound... if you only knew what was going to happen to you next, child.

It took awhile to get the playing out of her and get her to nap, but I was just happy that she was fine. I don't think I need that handout the doctor gave me on head trauma.

Easter Back Home

Before and after we traveled to Seattle we had some Easter fun. The weekend before we went down to SLC for an Easter Egg hunt. While the other kids were carrying grocery sacks full of eggs, Helen was content with one egg to shake. I convinced her to get 4 eggs in the end. Four pieces of candy for me and fun for her. Was it worth the gas? - probably not, but the pictures were.

When we arrived home from Washington we went over to Grandpa and Grandma Marble's for dinner. I was going to bring this lovely potato dish, but didn't have time to make it. There will always be a next time. We had a little egg gathering fun at there house and then finally came home to our place to find the basket the Easter bunny left us on Saturday (well sort of - he was suppose to leave it Saturday).

Grandpa Marble showing Helen that the eggs need to go in the basket.

Helen gathering eggs.

Wow! What fun toys from the Easter Bunny!
Mom is sure grateful for the bath toy organizer
and new toys to pull out when we need something new to play with.

Playing at the Easter egg hunt in SLC.

Easter Travels

Jake's Uncle Wade surprised Helen and I one day by calling and saying if we packed our bags he would fly us to Seattle the next day to surprise Jake. So we quickly packed our bags and left. We had a great time. I learned a lot about flying with an infant - biggest lesson was how much work it is and how exhausted I was afterward. It was really good to see Jake, even if he had the flu and I had a migraine for part of the time. Nothing like staring at each other, not feeling good, when we hadn't seen each other for 3 weeks. Anyway, Easter Sunday is when Helen and I flew back, so our original Easter plans were disrupted, no biggie. So here are pictures of what we did last weekend.

Getting ready for take off - bottle in hand for all ear-popping needs
(although she fell asleep before we were done taxiing and didn't need it).

Riding around in Uncle Wade's car.

It was more springy in Seattle than in Utah
so I couldn't resist taking a cure spring picture at the park.

Playing at Uncle Wade's house.

Playing some more later that day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Penquins - A Healthy Snack

I love making healthy, kid-fun snacks. I made these to give to a family in our ward as a thank-you. They are made with olives, cottage cheese, carrots, and jicama as the iceberg.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Time Only

It didn't last. I am tired.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's to You, Miss Robin

I am dedicating this post to Robin. Before Jake left, we had often discussed the need to keep track of all our books. We needed a library system for our computer. Jake also wanted a system that he could mark which books he had read and what ones he would want me to send him. His plan is to send home the stack he took when he is finished with them all, and then ask me for x number of books from his "to read" list. So a few months ago we bought some home-use library software for our computer. Yes, we have a cataloging program that keeps track of all information - even who we lend books to so don't be thinking you can never return a borrowed book! It has happened before and with this and new name stickers we are putting in every book, we are hoping to ward of this problem forever.

Jake helped the cataloging process get started. He asked me to finish it. I have put it off due to the fact that most of the books we have left either don't have an ISBN or don't have a recognizable ISBN. Did you know that most children's books, cookbooks, and church books and books older than 1966 don't have an ISBN? We have a ton of books in these categories. That is why I have put it off. Entering each one manually with all available information is time consuming. But this morning I decided to take it on, probably due to my added rest. Only nine more shelves to go...Bring it on! Okay, so I am still a little overwhelmed, think I'll start on the last cookbook shelf now that I pulled some of them out to take a cool picture.

Shout, Shout, Shout for Joy!

She did it folks!! Helen slept through the night! Oh, what blessed day (night)! She hasn't done this since she was 4 1/2 months - that's 6 months ago. She went down around 10:30 and slept until 7:10. She woke up once with just one small whimper. But Hallelujah! The week of letting her cry through the night worked. Now I don't have to tell the neighbors upstairs that she is teething (although she really is). And get this, after she ate she went back down at 7:30 until 9:10. A full night's sleep, need I say more to describe my joy?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Hair Fought the Chair... And the Chair Won

My little Nellie, does not like to nap. Until about 2 months ago a VERY long nap would be 45 minutes, with average naps between 15 and 20 minutes. This didn't mean she would take more naps during the day. Not a chance, only two 15 to 20 minute naps a day - unless of course she was sleeping on my chest, then she'd go for 45 to 90 minutes, and then I don't get anything done. Then a couple of months ago I thought maybe she like the rocking motion of the recliner and that is why she likes sleeping there. Or maybe the transfer to the crib was just too disturbing for her - don't put a pea under her bed for goodness sake! Anyway, two months ago I tried just leaving her in the recliner and ta da! She sleeps for a couple hours at a time and if she does wake up I just have to say "Shh. Go to sleepy sleep" and she falls right back to sleep.

So yesterday after she woke from sleeping in the corner of the recliner, she sat up and well, it looks like her hair fought the chair and the chair won.

Now I am working on teaching her how to get out of the chair safely...trying to crawl over the reclined back is her first choice, but also the most risky.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Yes, Hello. I'd like to order some Spring."

I am looking forward to warm spring afternoons. I can't wait to go for walks again, and to not have to put Nellie in her snowsuit when we go on errands. Coming up in April are the Baby Animal Days. I'm sure Nellie will love it. She loves dogs, cats, and her grandpa's cows. Easter is a bit early for me this year, as I am afraid the snow won't have departed. But Easter will not be so early again until 2160! And Easter will fall on Nellie's birthday when she turns 7. All of this keeps me excited that maybe in a few weeks I'll see some daffodils, robins, or some spring thing.

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