Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tribute to my Grandpa

This morning's daily routine was broken today. My mom called me and said that my dear grandpa passed away. And why I am so sad, I am grateful for the good life he lived and the great example he was, in and out of church callings. I will always remember how he like Arby's and why he didn't like the other places, had a certain station to fill up on gas (a Chevron in Bountiful), how it was from him that I learned to "read" the TV, and how he always tended to my grandma with sweetness. But mainly I really will remember that he was a good man and wanted the best for his family. I love you Grandpa, and we will miss you.

I believe these two pictures were taken on my grandparents' honeymoon.
Congratulations to them for 60 years as a married couple and eternity to go.

This is how I knew and will remember my grandpa.
He was a good, honest valiant, and dedicated man.


Liz Cellan said...

Aimee-Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. It is hard to lose someone you are close to. Liz

Bridgette said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandpa's passing. That was a beautiful tribute.

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