Friday, November 7, 2008

A Blind Date and 5 Years

Five years ago this evening Jake and I met. We met in the entry way/kitchen of my apartment at Continental Apts. It was a blind date set up by my friend who served in the same mission as Jake. We ate potato soup and salad. I had asked Jake to help with the salad - I will never forget the look of bewilderment as he took on that assignment (the last 5 years has helped his cooking confidence and skills). Then we played some board games with the other couple (she who set us up and her boyfriend). Afterward, I thought I would never see Jake again because I was so shy I hardly talked to him the whole night. I would later find out he thought he could never date me because "I was out of his league". Both of us are happy that we got past those beliefs. The next 5 years are sweet history with many wonderful memories.

Here are the first pictures ever taken of us as a dating couple:

To commemorate the best blind date in my world here is 5 things Jake and I have experienced since then. No, there is not one from every year, just one for every year.

  • Finding out together on the same day that Pepperidge Farms is not based in Cache Valley. The disappointment was fierce.
  • Eating at a fairly, okay, they had a maitre d', so very nice restaurant in Pacific Grove in hoodies. Ugh - next time I am not letting Jake talk me into that.
  • The strange prank phone call in the middle of the night that left the two of us huddled together on the bed and Jake wouldn't let me get to use the bathroom at first because someone might be able to see us through a widow if I left the bedroom.
  • A huge explosion (almost sounded like a gun shot) outside our door in Logan one day. Jake was suddenly on point and ready to hurt whatever was invading us. Come to find out our great friends and neighbors were playing with dry ice and water bottles.
  • Getting stuck on a rock in Monterey Bay near Cannery Row as the tide came in. We had quite the audience clapping for us as we kissed and then tried to figure out how to get back to shore.

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Ben, Megan, Andrew, Olivia said...

Congratulations on five years and your best blind date! I can't wait for Jake to be back and for you to be as happy as you look in those pictures.

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