Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Other possible titles for this post:
  • Hitting My Breaking Point
  • Making Milestones Instead of Waiting for Them
  • I Finally Caved
  • Okay, Already
  • Yes, Letting Go of Pride is Hard
  • Can You Hear My Mom's Praises?
  • Helen's First Haircut

As this post is being read I hear the shouts of Hallelujah coming from all the way in Rexburg, especially by Helen's Nani. I think they may be coming from other places as well.

So, I wanted to wait until Helen's 2nd birthday to cut her hair for the first time. Then it got switched to just before Jake comes home to surprise him how big she is. Well, I reached my breaking point yesterday night. Long ago I had accepted that Helen needed a haircut, but finally yesterday I let go of my pride that was insisting we do it on a milestone of her life. I made my own stinking milestone today. She is 557 days old. She is 18 months and one week. She is in twin bed (more on that later). She simply needed a haircut. It is a complete win/win situation. She doesn't have to wear clips anymore, and I don't have to fight her to.

It is a bit choppy because she wouldn't sit still, but nothing curls and a few weeks won't hide. She had to turn and see everyone else getting their hair cut, say hi to everyone that came in the door that the hairdressers were saying hi to, and she even had to say turn around and say & sign thank you to the other lady's hairdresser when the other lady got done and said thank you. I had the hairdresser leave as much length in the back so I could do curls - long live the baby mullet.

Forgive the red-eye in the pictures. I deleted my photo editing software. :( So because I am posting this during the day, Helen has torn apart my home. I will be cleaning all afternoon, evening, and into the wee morning I am afraid.




(the back)


Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how much older she looks! I love the haircut, it is so adorable. She seems so well behaved just sitting in the chair and being so patient. I'm sure my kids are going to be grabbing everything!

suni said...

so so cute! congrats on caving in. mike took care of those 'first haircuts' for our boys. only he did it when i wasn't home to stop him! i eventually forgave him. way to go!

Amanda J said...

Her hair is dang cute! I LOVE it!

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