Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Today is Jake's 27th birthday. Happy Halloweenish 27th Birthday, HoneyBun.

There are no pictures from his birthday this the last two years will have to make up for it.

Here are 27 reasons why I find it not hard to love him:

27. He doesn't care about fashion...yes some days this bothers me, but I am glad he can be and wear what he finds comfortable without the need to be trendy. He is all about jeans and t-shirts.
26. He whistles or hums almost all the time.
25. He is willing to drive when I don't want to.
24. He is a nerd and a geek and a dork. In my world those are not negative things. I am a nerd and dork too.
23. I can trick him that I am thinking something pretty easily - sometimes he gets really confused or worried.
22. He can do the same right back to me, just not quite as easily.
21. He is my best friend.
20. He will help around the house when I ask.
19. His hair: cute, crazy, and handsome (when it isn't cut for the dear ol' military).
18. He is very cuddly & his hands fit my hands for superb hand holding.
17. He will try to fix all things computer...even if he hates being an IT guy.
16. He surprises me with his talents - I had no idea he could re-wire kitchen lights or build his own battery charger.
15. He loves books and can never have enough - don't believe me? Look up his Amazon wish list.
14. To him, my dreams and ambitions are just as important as his.
13. He is very intelligent - related to #15.
12. He sings in the car and hums in the shower.
11. He is very accepting of people and wants to be friendly rather than prude.
10. He makes up silly songs. "I'm So Glad I Am A Guy" is among the top favorites.
9. He supports me in many different endeavors and believes in me.
8. He sings to me when I ask - especially when I am sick.
7. He likes to try new things & he makes me try new things like sushi. Now we love doing that together.
6. His excited run & jump thing.
5. He loves, loves, loves pizza. I've probably eaten more pizza in the last 3 years than my whole life before we were married. Its been good too.
4. He thinks and treats me (and my cooking) like some chef celebrity.
3. He loves me enough to be honest and tell me if a made-up recipe isn't that great.
2. He loves Helen and loves being her Daddy.
1. He makes me smile everyday.

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Carole said...

Those "27 reasons" why you love Jake are pretty cool. I think it's fabulous that you can share these; and who knows, maybe it will give many of us some food for thought about looking for the good things in all our relationships.

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