Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great things accomplished this week:

1. All digital pictures are organized to the best of my ability - dated, named, in proper organized folders
2. I finished this after months of working on it minutes at a time. It didn't turn out that great, but I learned some great lessons - the #1 being that I despise working on laminated wood - nothing sticks to it, even the primer that the kind folk at the store said would stick to anything
3. I am slowly getting caught up on home management issues (that sounds so much better than chores and can include managing finances, and such)

For the next week my goals are to clean out the bathroom drawers and medicine drawer and linen cabinet, and catch up on my posts, since I have the pictures on my computer now. We'll just have to see how that goes since Helen is sick.

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Stacia Cummings said...

You are so productive. Your table looks great.

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