Thursday, October 2, 2008


Disclaimer: Pictures in this post are 6 months old and I am pretty much writing this to Jake, so when I say remember this?, unless you are Jake, you won't remember.

Tonight Helen and I went to the Fun Park to get out of the house and each other's hair. We had quite a blast - especially since Helen is still the age that gets in free and one adult gets in free with each child. Free entertainment and exercise - wahoo!

Helen loves it so much more than last time. And we made it out without a swollen lip this time. She was climbing all over the place. We got to the big, huge, twisty blue slide that is dark inside. We down once together. Then the next two times Helen did it all by herself. The blue slide is in the background of this picture, - does that help your memory, Jake?

She loved the bubble windows. The reflections off them almost seemed like holograms. Helen kept trying to touch them but it was just air. I wish I had taken my camera. Maybe next week. I think we need to go there more often.

Jake remember that awful, steep, yellow slide that I told you I almost swore on at the ward party. Ya, Helen wanted to go down it, so I said okay, well do it once and she'll hate it and we'll be done. So down we go. I didn't swear. Promise. I knew what to expect this time. We get the bottom and I turn Helen around to see her expression of horror to find her grinning from ear to ear and tears in her eyes. It completely said "That was scary and way fun!!". We ended up going down again with the same result.

So am thinking, fine, but there is no way on earth she won't fear the mesh run that hangs from the top. Jake, it is the one that I almost wet my pants going across when we went with you. (Man this post is making me look like a wuss.) I wasn't even going to show it to Helen. But she found it herself. And she went in. And did the whole stinking thing by herself. Twice. The second time was near the end of our playing and she was pretty tired. I had to keep coaxing her on that one and at the end lift her the last 10 inches. Picture is of us at the end of the mesh run - you can barely see it.
This child has no fear. None. Whatsoever.
More recent (not 6 month aged) pictures to come next week. Hopefully.

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