Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good things this week...

Here are the good things that have happened in my life this past week:
  1. After much thinking, I came up with a theme for Brady's birthday cake.
  2. An absolutely wonderful web cam visit with Jake. It made me fall in love all over again. Ah, I am enamored of him.
  3. I finished a book series. Yes, there were tears throughout.
  4. Helen is slowly sleeping in her bed better. As long as we are progressing, I am jiggy.
  5. I did not go blind when chlorine was splashed in my eye.
  6. A delightful visit with Jake's Papa and his wife Carole.
  7. I found some great clothes for Helen and bought Jake some of his favorite t-shirts.
  8. My little sugar is becoming cuter each day, and loves to copy her mama. Really have to watch what I am doing now.
  9. I found the movie "A Series of Unfortunate Events" for $5.
  10. My house is clean and laundry is caught up for Sunday.


Abbey said...

I like this post! I think I'm going to copy the idea...and Helen is adorable!

Nana Sue said...

Thanks Aimee for the birthay wish and for posting on my blog! Love the photo of Helen and even better your Good things this week...I may have to steal that idea! Also, very glad you were able to have a web "visit" with Jake! Hugs to you!!

Leslie said...

thanks for the photo box info. I'm going to try it!

Stacia Cummings said...

It's always nice when there are good things to report. So I absolutely love that cake. Did you make it? I am assuming you did. Terrific job! I don't know who Brady is but they're lucky.

Amanda J said...

I like this post too! It's nice to hear the good things that happen. The cake looks awesome!

mindy said...

very cute!!

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