Sunday, June 1, 2008

Picture Comparison

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These pictures of Jake and I are on our 1st birthdays. Helen's is a week before her first birthday because it was the best face forward shot. So there you have it folks. I too think she does look a little more like Jake. When she was really little I thought she looked like me. Maybe it will change again. I am still wondering what it would be like if I used adult pictures of Jake and I.


Bridgette Burbank said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I see now that in expressing gratitude rather than sympathy, we are recognizing the significance and value of what you are doing. Great post Aimee. . . and thank you.

Amanda J said...

She does look a little bit more like Jake in that picture. You should try it with adult pictures it may turn out differently!

Danielle said...

Nellie looks a lot like Jake, I think its her eyes and her nose. She definitely has both but you can see a little more Marble.

breyn said...

Thanks for sending me your blog! I LOVE it and it is so fun to keep up on you and your family. Thanks for your thoughts on those who serve our country. We are so blessed to have people who are continually serving for our freedom. Your daughter is ADORABLE!!!! Talk to you soon!
Love, Breyn

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