Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Mouse and other crawly things

There are just some things a guy should take care of...

So this morning why Nellie was still asleep, I went and took the trash out and decided to wash out the garbage that a diaper had leaked in. While out there I decided to wash out my cleaning bucket that had been out there for a couple of weeks. As I dumped it out a clod dropped out. For a second I thought, "Gee I knew it was muddy, but I didn't know there was a clod of mud in it." Then I saw what it really was. A MOUSE! A dead one at that.

There had been some rain water in the bucket and the mouse must have fallen in (I have a downstairs patio) and drowned. So I have a dead, soggy, drowned mouse on my patio. Helen woke up right after I found it and I haven't had the chance to go out without her to take care of it. Ugh. Yuck. I try not to be a wuss, and I will take care of it today, but really folks, isn't this something that falls into husbandly duties?

I just want to know why I get to find a mouse after Jake and Scott (my really great neighbor that just moved) are gone. And why does it have to be dead? and drowned? and soggy? Ewwww!

Also yesterday I noticed an earwig stuck under the tile windowsill in the kitchen. As I was trying to get rid of it i looked under the edge of the sill. In three of the grout spaces between tiles, there was no grout, but holes and in every single hole was a dead earwig that had gotten stuck trying to crawl through. Didn't know whether to get rid of them or leave 'em there to plug up the holes. I ended up getting rid of them. I think I will buy some caulk today or call the managers.

I've spent my morning going through the food storage, cupboards and closets - looking to see if the mice have gotten inside. All looks well. (Well, that is except the corpse on my patio outside).

I need a cat.


Robin said...

Oh man! I don't know what I'd do!

Bridgette Burbank said...

EeeYuck! I am so sorry. That is one of the most disgusting stories I have heard, and I have two little boys at my house. Hang in there!

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