Monday, May 5, 2008

I need some Blogger help...

So it is very obvious that my blog is completely out of season. I have been wanting to change it for months to encourage spring to come. Now spring is here and encouraging the blog to change. My problem: Jake, my technical half, is gone. I am learning and usually know more about the whole blog thing than him. My problem is the links (a.k.a. widgets)...I don't want to lose them. I'll admit I am scared to do it on my own. Jake was going to help me last week when he was home for the weekend, but we were busy with so many things. More on that later.

I have a couple of layouts picked out in Pyzam and am working on my own photo layout for late summer. So what I am asking is anyone who does this more often than me to shoot out some pointers my way. Please help me have some color without losing my links.


Abbey said...

Hi Aimee! The widgets were my problem, too. Go to my blog and on the side, click on "Cutest Blog on the Block". You can use their templates, and they don't lose your widgets. Good luck!

Amanda J said...

I use the same site as the person who posted above me. It's really easy!

Mission Organize Apartment