Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Yes, Hello. I'd like to order some Spring."

I am looking forward to warm spring afternoons. I can't wait to go for walks again, and to not have to put Nellie in her snowsuit when we go on errands. Coming up in April are the Baby Animal Days. I'm sure Nellie will love it. She loves dogs, cats, and her grandpa's cows. Easter is a bit early for me this year, as I am afraid the snow won't have departed. But Easter will not be so early again until 2160! And Easter will fall on Nellie's birthday when she turns 7. All of this keeps me excited that maybe in a few weeks I'll see some daffodils, robins, or some spring thing.


Amanda J said...

Helen looks SO CUTE in her snowsuit! Believe it or not, I'm jealous that you have snow to play in!

suni said...

i've had spring on my order form for quite some time. i think it maybe is almost here!

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