Friday, March 28, 2008

That I can tell you in one word! TRADITION!

Forward note: This was not humorous as it happened. But now I can stand back and see the ironic humor in the fact that this seems to be a tradition in my family. During the ordeal I kept thinking of a dear friend who recently had a similar situation.

When I was little I got cut in the right eyebrow with a toy garden hoe. It scarred. Later, on different occasions, my sister got a scar on her right eyebrow and my brother got one on his left eyebrow. It is just what happens if you are a Moore child. I would think to myself about how the girls had them on the right and the boy had them on the left.

Yesterday Helen decided to bring out the Moore in her and carry on the tradition. She bent down to pick up a book and clonked her head against a swamp cooler I am waiting to put into the window. At first I didn't know she had a cut because it wasn't bleeding. A few seconds later I looked back at her to see why the bouncing/cuddling wasn't calming her down. There was blood all over her face, my shirt, her shirt and pants, and more coming. I tried to wash it off her face so I could see the cut, but she wouldn't let me. My neighbor wasn't around to help me hold her so I finally got one swipe of the wash cloth to see how deep it was. Immediately I knew we need to go to the doctor. The cut looked deep.

The doctor's office was booked already, so we had to go to instacare. By this time she was pretty calm for what was going on. So we packed our things and headed to the instacare. She was her normal happy self, playing all around there. That is until the nurses had to clean the wound so the doctor could get a better look at it. It took two nurses and myself holding her to get it cleaned. It was then that I saw it had cut her in a shape similar to an asterisk. The doctor said she might need stitches, but wanted to try Dermabond if it wound was compliant because it would be less traumatic for Helen. If the cut wouldn't come together easily we would have to do stitches. She decided that Dermabond would work because of the nature of the cut. Gluing Helen's forehead back together required two nurses, the doctor, and myself. Not so much fun for the baby. She did get a plastic squeeze fish toy and has been happy every since we left instacare. I am sure she won't miss rinsing shampoo out of her hair for 7-10 days while we wait for the wound to heal with the glue.

The doctor did say it would scar. She gave me pointers to help the scaring be minimal. Ironic that it is on the right eyebrow. "Way to go, Daughter, carry on the tradition!"

Helen crying at the Instacare...she is actually crying not because of the inflicted wound, but because I took the cell phone away from her.

Waiting for the nurses to come clean the wound... if you only knew what was going to happen to you next, child.

It took awhile to get the playing out of her and get her to nap, but I was just happy that she was fine. I don't think I need that handout the doctor gave me on head trauma.



I am so sorry to hear about the "accident". Isn't it a helpless feeling when they are crying so hard and you can do nothing about it? Ugh..being a mom is rough. Glad everything turned out alright. Love ya aimes.


Robin said...

Oh sad! That's scary, I'm glad she's okay.

Mer said...

Goodness! Head wounds are the worst. I'm glad she's not permanently traumatized (are you?)

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