Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's to You, Miss Robin

I am dedicating this post to Robin. Before Jake left, we had often discussed the need to keep track of all our books. We needed a library system for our computer. Jake also wanted a system that he could mark which books he had read and what ones he would want me to send him. His plan is to send home the stack he took when he is finished with them all, and then ask me for x number of books from his "to read" list. So a few months ago we bought some home-use library software for our computer. Yes, we have a cataloging program that keeps track of all information - even who we lend books to so don't be thinking you can never return a borrowed book! It has happened before and with this and new name stickers we are putting in every book, we are hoping to ward of this problem forever.

Jake helped the cataloging process get started. He asked me to finish it. I have put it off due to the fact that most of the books we have left either don't have an ISBN or don't have a recognizable ISBN. Did you know that most children's books, cookbooks, and church books and books older than 1966 don't have an ISBN? We have a ton of books in these categories. That is why I have put it off. Entering each one manually with all available information is time consuming. But this morning I decided to take it on, probably due to my added rest. Only nine more shelves to go...Bring it on! Okay, so I am still a little overwhelmed, think I'll start on the last cookbook shelf now that I pulled some of them out to take a cool picture.


Mer said...

My sister saved all of her library receipts for four years, but recently decided that it was just too much paper.

So she made an excel file -- with columns for title, author, when read, NOTES, and whether or not she should buy the book herself.

I was torn between laughing at her and running to the computer to make my own list (the latter won).

Aims said...

We originally thought of an excel file. But this program keeps an image of the cover (if one can be found online - I can't bring myself to scan them in) and on most books we can just put in the ISBN and it finds the rest of the info for us, and if we wanted we could buy a scanner that reads the far we haven't needed that for the 300+ books we have already entered.

Robin said...

Wow! I didn't know there was home-use library software. How fun! I would have a blast cataloging all my books. I don't have any system for keeping track of the books I own, but I always keep track of which books I read every year, and of course books I want to read (I just use Ta-Da lists, on my Wonderful Pen sidebar). I think it would be fun to get more in-depth. Can I ask what your library software is called and how much it cost?
In my class I just learned how to create a simple database, and I guess I could use it to catalog my books, but I don't think the software is very user-friendly.

suni said...

what a good idea. if only i could get that organized. good going!

Aims said...

Robin, The software is called Readerware. It can be found at . I believe Jake paid $40 for it. Google has a option to keep track of books, but Jake like this one more because it goes more in depth. Jake did a lot of investigating and research to find which ones out there had the best reviews and was user friendly.

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