Monday, December 10, 2007

Wait Wait...

This is yet another reason why I love listening to Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me, the NPR News Quiz show. This past Saturday's episode was hilarious. One of the jokes was about the above picture and story. Last time I checked ham would be considered one of the most non-kosher foods. (I am seriously chuckling out load about this at the moment). Really, if you are in a neighborhood where there is a large enough Jewish population to advertise items for Chanukah, I would think the store would know what items are forbidden on the Jewish menu. Like Jake said, that is like advertising beer to make a great General Conference Weekend BBQ. Hahahahehe!

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Robin said...

Ha ha, that is quite hilarious.

It reminds me of a Neil Diamond/Jewish party my cousins threw and they tried to have themed foods. Well they had on a plate "kosher" ham. But at least they were really trying to be funny.

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