Friday, December 7, 2007

THE Sushi Cake

So it has taken me over a month to get this post ready. I was working on a mosaic of pictures to show my pride and joy of October. Jake was kind and helped me through the whole mosaic. Jake and I found a love for sushi while living in Monterey. Each year I try to make a different cake for Jake, and I have always wanted to try my hand at candy sushi. So I incorporated the two. I have included pictures of the real thing so you have a comparison, which I am sure you can tell which ones aren't from my cake. Both Jake and his brother upon entering our apartment thought it was the real thing (probably the dim lighting). Anyway I now share this joy with you all. My favorite is probably how the tamago turned out.

Amidst pictures of the complete finished cake and real sushi there are pictures of

  • my prep work
  • the cake similar to the block of wood
  • tamago
  • nigiri
  • unagi
  • wasabi & pickled ginger
  • ikura
  • masago
  • maki sushi
...sushi anyone?!?

8 Nov 2009 UPDATE:
Okay...Here goes a description of how I made the best of my memory:

  • yellow cake batter from scratch or box
  • baking cocoa
  • rice krispies (and butter and marshmallows to make according to box directions for rice krispie treats)
  • fruit leather (I used grape, green apple, and raspberry flavors but grape looked the best)
  • yellow marshmallows (got about 10 from a package of mini colored ones, could also use white and some yellow food coloring)
  • Swedish fish candies (red, orange, and yellow colors)
  • caramel sauce
  • milk caramels
  • icing
  • green food coloring
  • pink Air Head candy
  • Orange Heads candy
  • orange nonpareils
  • gummy worms
  • some kind of green strip candy that can be cut to look like grass

The cake was just a basic yellow cake, but I reserved part of the batter and added baking cocoa which I then made stripes with one the cake and drew a butter knife through to make it look like a wood block before I baked it.

The rest of the process has to go really fast before the rice krispie treats set up so it is best to be prepared and have all the candy out, the icing ready, the fruit leather cut into strips (there were 3 appropriate widths) and if the candy needs rolled out have that done too. Leave the wasabi. the pickled ginger, and the grass until last as they don't require rice krispie treats. It is also nice to have a second pair of hands to help. My SIL was wonderful to help me.

Make a batch of rice krispie treats. They need to be hot to mold them so as soon as you can stand the temperature with your hand, get shaping.

tamago - (loved how this one turned out) I melted a few yellow marshmellows in a bowl in microwave for probably 10 seconds, then shaped it into a square as best as I could on a cutting board. Placed the cooled marshmallow on top of rice krispie treat and finished with a strip of fruit leather

nigiri - This is a small amount of rice krispie treat molded to the size of a bite of sushi, then I placed a Swedish fish on top and wrapped a strip of fruit leather around it. To get the leather to stick, barely wet it with a finger dipped in water and press together.

unagi - this is a rice krispie treat with caramel sauce drizzled on then a rolled out caramel placed on top

wasabi & pickled ginger - the wasabi is icing colored green and the pickled ginger is a pink Air Head heated in microwave for a couple of seconds and rolled out with a rolling pin and then made into little bunches

ikura - again rice krispie treat base, then wrapped in fruit leather (grape flavor works well), then icing to hold in the Orange Heads candy

masago - same as the ikura, but used orange nonpareils (found at a kitchen/baking store that sold little bags of individual colors)

maki sushi - put 3 or 4 gummy worms together (I tried to use colors that you would see together in real sushi for instance green and orange for cucumber and carrot) and wrapped hot rice krispie treats around them. Then sliced the rolls into 2 or 3 pieces. Then I placed one of the pre-cut srtips of fruit leather around each roll.

decorative grass - these were some kind of sour candy strips that I cut on a zig zag to create a grass look.

Then I placed the candy "sushi" on the cake to look like a sushi presentation.
Hope this inspires you!


Robin said...

Wow, that is impressive!
Must have been a lot of work.
They make dessert sushi on an episode of Gilmore Girls, it's pretty funny.

I had sushi for the first (and really, only) time last December. I liked it pretty well and it was fun, but it made my stomach kind of queasy afterward.

Priya said...

hi I was wondering how you made all that? I want to make one for my boyfriend since sushi is his favorite food. What ingredients did you use? Thanks!

Aimee said...

Hi Priya,
I have updated the blog with the ingredients/methods I used to the best of my memory. Hope this helps you make your boyfriend's cake. I'd love to see how your's turns out!

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