Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cheesey Hot Cereal - Not Bad, Not Bad at All

When I was in New Zealand I would often see parents give their children a hot cereal similar to Cream of Wheat for breakfast, but rather than putting sugar on it as many Americans do, they would put a slice of processed cheese. I could never bring myself to do this. It may have been the different flavors of cheese that I was still getting use to or the lone fact that it was processed cheese slices. Note pictures at left for examples of the different flavors, and yes the flavor of the bottom one is "tasty"and I still am not sure what that means. Kiwis find our colored cheese as different too - so I guess we are even. I have heard of putting cheese in grits, but as I am really not deeply knowledgeable about southern foods, I can not say much about this.

I typically like savory breakfasts more than sweet ones. Don't get me wrong I love pancakes and syrup occasionally and a good bowl of sweetened rice Chex or Cheerios now and then, but for the most part I'd choose eggs & toast or a breakfast burrito. This post comes to be because this morning I awoke to new snow and it made me feel like some hot cereal. However, I did not feel like sweet anything, and I did not want to eat plain oatmeal. So I pulled out the Cream of Wheat and a slice of provolone cheese. I still don't buy processed cheese. Real cheese has such better flavor and is not plastic like. I made the Cream of Wheat according to box directions and then placed the provolone on top to melt a little. It was really good! Definitely will have this again on cold mornings when I want something a little different.

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