Sunday, November 25, 2007

Suni Tagged me with 5 things.

Jeepers, once you are put on the spot it is hard to think of 5 things most people don't know about you, but I finally came up with them. So here it goes...

1. I love NPR, especially the shows "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me" and "A Prairie Home Companion". I usually don't get time to listen to them on Saturdays as I am usually busy with my family or something else. So during the week I listen to the previous weekend's programs off the internet while cleaning the house or cooking. I also like listening to the news and interviews.

2. I started cooking very young, I (and some others) consider myself a pretty good cook, and I love to read cookbooks like novels (I can sit down for an hour with one). My mom says I could make scrambled eggs by age four and she would awake to the sounds of me getting out pans and turning the stove on, and then she knew that she had to get up and supervise. When I was ten I learned that when a brownie recipe calls for cream cheese it doesn't mean creamed cheese and you can't beat cubes of cheddar and sugar around in a bowl like you would cream butter and sugar and expect the brownies to be desirable. By the time I was a teen-ager I was told that unless I followed a recipe exactly I would have to buy my own groceries to cook with since most of the time I experimented and many times I learned how to not make something. To this day I still have a extremely hard time following a recipe unless it is for bread, and even then sometimes I try to fudge the recipe.

3. I was originally a photography and history major in college. I wanted to teach high school and be involved with yearbook or be a National Geographic Photographer. As I took classes I realized it wasn't quite what I wanted to do or that it wasn't compatible with raising a family. I still love history and photography. I have owned 6 non-disposable cameras in my life, receiving the first one for my eighth birthday. My really nice film camera (that I spent my complete savings on as a junior in high school) has been broken for years - something happened during my senior year photographing for the yearbook. I've taken it in to be fixed and it always works fine for the store. It is sporadic when it works or doesn't. It is so unreliable that I just quit using it. Jake and I now own a simple digital camera which I am using to get back into photography hobby. Maybe some day I will buy another fancy-dancy one.

4. I love architecture. All through junior high and high school I thought I would be an architect. I drew hundreds of house plans as a pre-teen and teenager. I finally went through the apple box during college and pick out a few that actually were good and got rid of the rest. One year I received a kit for making house plans that I still have. If I buy a magazine to read I will usually choose one of those that is just house plans and study them. I have an intriguing interest in restoring and transforming non-domestic buildings (schools, factories, old post offices, etc) into homes. The most odd thing is that when I picture my dream home I can walk through all the halls and know where each room is located if were in a floor plan, but I cannot draw it up in a plan. I have tried many times and it never comes up matching what is in my head.

5. I love looking at the back side of quilts. When I was little and my mom would have a quilt on the frames in our living room I would lay underneath it a gaze like I was gazing at the stars. When ever I tie a quilt or have a quilt I made machine quilted, the first thing I do when it is finished is to turn it over to admire the back. I don't know why I do this. Maybe I like looking at the pattern made by the tying or quilting. But even my mom knows and when she has a quilt on frames she always asks how the underside looks before we pull it off the frames.

I am going to be the awful end of this tag. I need to get more people onto my blogging list....everyone I know who has a blog has already done this tag.

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