Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sugar Babies, Spills, & Onions

Here is Helen on Halloween. She was a package of Sugar Babies due to Jake and I calling her Sugar. We toured the pumpkin walk the week before Halloween.We decided to give out treats as we went Trick or Treating rather than gathering candy since it is obvious that Helen can't have candy and it is the last thing Jake and I need. It worked well, except that between Jake and I being sick, we were too tired to keep getting Helen out of the car to show off her costume. I ended up running the pumpkin bars up to the door by myself minus a few houses where we took Helen in. We did walk around the mall's trunk or treat with a neighbor and her boys and then we gave out candy at the ward's trunk of treat.

Helen learned how to pull herself up the night before Halloween. The first time was in the crib. So now she is having many tumbles and spills as she has not yet learned how to cruise the furniture. In her crawling around though she has found that my box of potatoes, onions, and squash is sturdy and weighs enough to support her if she pulls up on it. The other day I could hear her playing around there then all of a sudden she started crying. It wasn't her pain cry so I didn't think she had fallen, but went to go check. She had managed to tear off some of the onion greens. There were chewed up bits all around her and one coming out of her mouth. I imagine that after bland baby food onion greens are pretty spicy. She did recover though once I got them out of her mouth.

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Robin said...

What a cutie. I love the Sugar Babies outfit. I think she is only a month older than my nephew, and he is nowhere near crawling around or pulling himself up!

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