Thursday, November 8, 2007

No More Hair Bows :(

Yesterday Helen pulled the hair bow out of her hair and tried to eat it. I didn't know until I heard choking sounds behind me. It took what seemed like a whole minute to get it out, but I'm certain it was 20 seconds or less. Needless to say we are done with tiny hair bows for awhile. We will have to stick to the big head bands with big bows – the kind that can’t go down a baby’s throat. Sad day for me. I loved putting bows in her hair. And it had the added benefit that meant there were fewer comments about "my boy". Although there have been three times that Helen has been dressed in a pink shirt and pink pants with a huge pink bow in her hair and wrapped in a pink blanket and someone has asked me how my little boy is or if it was a boy or girl. After a few times I finally came up with my comeback - "It's a boy, but I really wanted a girl, so I dress him up in pink like this."

Poor Helen is hoarse today. In her learning to jabber she has picked up grunting. She has different grunts for happy, frustrated/mad, and sad. If she grunts for a few days without much babbling she gets hoarse. Her cry sounds so pathetic and it is tugging on my heart strings today. She is acting clingy today to. I wish on a star that her second tooth would pop through - it has been pretty miserable for her. Jake and I can see it, but we can't feel it yet.

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Robin said...

Ooh, scary about the choking!
My nephew was born on May 4, so he is only 2 weeks younger than Helen! He is barely starting to roll over, and he just recently learned to lock his knees so he can stand when we hold him, instead of letting his legs buckle down. But I'm sure Catlin is glad he's not moving around that much yet. Helen is definitely advanced!

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