Tuesday, November 27, 2007

because my food stuffs is me

I have decided that my other blog will be my foods stuff, but I will post each of those posts on this blog as well because it is who I am. If you follow only this blog, and you like reading blogs just to read them there may be posts you want to read from the past...

And here is two photos of Helen just because. The first one is in her new pink pajamas. The second was pulling dirt out of Grandpa's pot the weekend before Thanksgiving. She found this activity quite enjoyable and tried to repeat it many times over Thanksgiving weekend. She did get in trouble by Grandpa for doing it, but really she doesn't understand what being in trouble is all about (especially when Mommy is laughing about it).


Robin said...

I enjoy reading your food posts. I liked the one about vanilla. I love vanilla, it is a very underestimated flavor.

Aims said...

Thanks Robin, I love reading your blog too!

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