Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'bout me

I haven't posted in a few days. I keep meaning to, but I am trying to get this photo collage made for the post. So today I decided to take the tag from Robin and use it as my post until I am finished. I tag anyone who reads this blog.

Jobs i've held:

florist and wedding manager, Rexburg, ID, Bountiful, UT, & Logan, UT
ice cream server, USU Dairy Bar
Seattle's Best Kiosk coffee maker, Centerville, UT
server, USU Junction
teaching assistant, USU Dietetics Program

Jobs i'd like to have:

test kitchen coordinator
school lunch lady
working at WIC or Head Start
naming crayons at the Crayola Factory

Movies i watch over and over:

National Treasure
Night at the Museum
Little Women
Pursuit of Happyness
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Favorite reads, recent and old:

What Einstein told his Cook
What Einstein told his Cook 2
Nobody don't love nobody
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Tuesdays with Morrie
I will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato
Love is Walking Hand in Hand
any cookbook

Favorite things to do:

grocery shop
organize my photos on my computer
take community classes and cooking classes
go on walks with Helen
travel to non touristy places
read about food and science
and I am learning to scrapbook

Places i've lived:

SLC, & Bountiful, UT
Rexburg, ID
Logan, UT
Manurewa, Hamilton, North Shore, & East Tamaki, New Zealand
Athens, OH
Monterey, CA

Favorite things to eat:

heirloom tomatoes
cinnamon ice cream
fresh veggie sticks

Places i'd rather be:

North Pacific coast
NZed or Aussie
a cabin on Maine's coast
a beach in Aruba
in Idaho visiting family
a spa indulging in every service they offer
where I am at is actually quite good

Words i like the sound of:

phbbbbhph bbp (Helen’s jabber words)
my husband calling my name

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Robin said...

Hey, I'm glad you participated!
I love learning these little things about people.

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