Thursday, August 4, 2005

The Owl Wing has left the building...

...and Jake and I are relieved. Our upstairs neighbor moved out this week. And she took her owl wing with her. Yes she had an owl wing (just the wing with connective parts) hanging in her front window. It was kinda freaky, ok not kinda - just freaky. And one time in the hours before dawn as Jake was headed out to PT he looked up and there was a perfect siloutte of a black cat in the window with it. Jake said he just gasped and drove out of the parking lot as quickly as possible - hoping there wasn't a curse put on the car so it wouldn't go. All in all nothing serious ever happened, but we waited in aticipation once we knew she was moving as to when it would come down (which happend to be the very last day). It must have had protective abilities for her. This is important to keep record of so I thought I would compose a blog on it.

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ur_fav_sis said...

woa that is pretty psycho. an owl wing... *shivers* lol

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